The French Society of Vestibular Physiotherapy is delighted to welcome you to its website

The French Society of Vestibular Physiotherapy (SFKV) is a scientific society that is currently predominantly made up of physiotherapists who specialise in the rehabilitation of people experiencing neurosensory balance disorders and dizziness.

Our goal is to promote and highlight what we do by:

- using a method based on supporting evidence from scientific communications, publications and memoirs

- by arranging a clinical study every year or collaborative research efforts in order to ensure our vestibular physiotherapy techniques and technology continue to advance for the benefit of everyone - therapists and patients alike.

We would really like any practitioners who specialise in dizziness and balance problems to join our society:

ENT doctors, clinicians and surgeons, neurologists, physiatrists, geriatricians, neurophysiologists, researchers and dedicated hardware developers.

We advocate a close partnership between the prescribing doctor and the vestibular physiotherapist. This is so we can ensure people suffering from balance issues or dizziness receive transparent and effective care whereby we share a common language with them and common tools that allow us to evaluate, process and validate the results obtained from the treatment.

We actively participate in national conferences and international conferences alike, and we have friendly relations with our global colleagues (some are even members of our society).

If you share our aspirations and would like to join us, please go to the section “contact us”!

We will be able to compare our experiences and we will both benefit from our differences!

We look forward to meeting you.


On this site, you will find plenty of information, such as:

The date for the main upcoming events,

The status of current research,

A directory of practitioners...

Our members will have (password) access to information from professional sources (publications, memoirs, theses etc.)

This site is intended to be highly interactive, but don't hesitate to contact us so we can improve it.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your visit, and we invite you to read our Mission Statement.