Mission statement

The French Society of Vestibular Physiotherapy was the result of a number of physiotherapists seeking to come up with an accepted approach to physiotherapy via diverse routes.

This society's mission is to combine energy and skills, and to promote communication and the sharing of clinical experiences so that techniques and technology used in vestibular physiotherapy can be approved and thus advance.

It seeks to encourage interdisciplinary communication with all experts in the field of neurosensory balance problems and dizziness: clinical doctors, imaging specialists, scientific researchers and industrial researchers.

The society is deliberately moving towards an evidence-based approach. With this in mind, it is strengthening ties as a partner society with the French Society of Physiotherapy.

It seeks to promote collective research efforts and looks to conduct clinical studies in order to advance knowledge of the subject and to increase the expertise of its own members.

It hopes to promote any activities that will help achieve progress in these areas (publication of articles, research and professional literature) 

The SFKV also wants to campaign to have vestibular physiotherapy recognised as a speciality for which you need a specific Master’s degree.